Greyhound Trust Coventry Every dog deserves a home

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The RGT is also a member of the ADCH (Association of Cats and Dogs Homes) and was a founder member of the Greyhound Forum working jointly with other members such as the Dogs Trust, RSPCA, Dogs Home Battersea, The Blue Cross etc.

All the branches throughout the country are run by an army of volunteers. Many branches are attached to NGRC licensed race tracks who provide support for the retired greyhounds waiting for homing in terms of kennelling, veterinary expenses, office support and venues for fund raising. Some independent greyhound homing charities are also involved in this work and work alongside the RGT.

Fund raising carried out by local branches usually concentrates on activities which involve the greyhounds i.e. Sponsored walks, Fun Dog Shows and 'Meet and Greets'.

This year the RGT aims to home over 4,000 greyhounds. The NGRC (the National Greyhound Racing Club) who hold a database of all greyhounds who are, or have raced on licensed tracks) has appointed a co-ordinator to monitor more closely the whereabouts of other greyhounds as they retire from racing and to ensure that changes of ownership are correctly registered. It is estimated some 3 - 4,000 greyhounds are kept in retirement by their trainers or taken home as pets by their existing owners but not everyone, until now, has followed the procedure for retiring such greyhounds.

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