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If anyone reading this is thinking about rehoming a greyhound just do it!
Kristal Aged 11
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Well where on earth do we start !!!!!
We adopted foxy 13 weeks ago and oh my goodness he is growing more and more confident and loving by the day. How did we ever live without him?
When we went to see him for the first time, we instantly fell in love with him and could’nt wait to take him home but had to wait a while for mum to finish her job and me to finish my SATs so we went to visit him every weekend take him treats and walk him. We were always so sad to leave him but knew it would’nt be long before he came home (although it felt like forever!)
Me and my dad have always wanted a dog so when we heard about the RGT in Coventry we thought we'd go and have a look at some retired greyhounds after hearing how greyt the dogs are. ITS NOT WRONG!

Even mum who does’nt usually like dogs fell in love with them. Right from the start Foxy has always slept downstairs all night and never made any mess or cried. We knew he needed to get used to lots of things he'd never seen or heard before, like the stairs, which he got stuck up (twice!) and was too scared to come back down until June Greyt came to help, it should not have been so funny, poor boy was petrified but it was and he's not ventured up them since. He's adapted so well to everything.

Foxy is not very good with small furries or other breeds at first as he wasn't used to them but wow he's getting better and better with every passing day ! He just needs to know his retired now but he still loves to run and he bombs it up and down our garden like a loon! We are starting socialisation classes next month to help him mix and get used to other breeds, he was trained to chase from an early age and still loves to so we know it will take time and patience.

He walks lovely on the lead without pulling and we’ve taught him the 'wait' at the kerb and 'walk' when crossing the road, and we are now training him the 'leave it' command which he is picking up really well. He is so well behaved and laid back its unreal.
He has a very cheeky side too and my mum is always finding things on his bed like her slippers, shoes, bottles of pop!, cushions, coat, football boots! but he never chews them he just likes to collect things, if he sees it its his! :)
When we come downstairs every morning he always gets up and jumps and does some strange funny moves ! I think he thinks he is on Britain’s Got Talent! He's so funny.
If anyone reading this is thinking about rehoming a greyhound just do it! You will never look back they are such wonderful well behaved, adorable hounds :) :)
We love you foxy xxxxx

By Kristal age 11