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She is so adorable, my husband completely loves her too and regularly thanks me for pushing for us to get her.
Steph Kenning

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I had always wanted a dog, my husband not so much (he's always been scared of them) but until we bought a house last year we've always rented and never been able to. After researching about different breeds we decided a retired greyhound would be perfect for us as they are lazy dogs and we work full time and don't have time for an energetic dog.

We went along to an open day and said we were looking for an older, calmer dog and they talked us through the dogs they had and introduced us to 2 which fitted the bill. We walked them both but had both immediately fallen for the same one - Penny - it was the way she sat in her kennel staring longingly at passers by, she had puppy dog eyes and we wanted to just scoop her up, take her home and give her an amazing life (we had also read that the black dogs and the older dogs found it harder to find homes and we loved the idea of homing one who may not have had many other chances at a home).

But we were really scared to actually take the plunge and reserve her because of my husband being uneasy around dogs and we were also scared a dog might come along and ruin our house that we'd just lovingly decorated and spent a lot of money on. We thought about it for quite some time.
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Mary was so great while we ummed and arghed, she answered all our questions and there was never any pressure. I visited and walked Penny roughly every fortnight and got to know her better too. And finally we brought her home in March 16 and we needn't have worried about a thing - she's so perfect.
She's never messed in the house, she never cries for us at night and she's never chewed anything, she doesn't even go on the sofa (she's never even tried!).

She is so calm, she sleeps a lot and likes to eat a lot (its hard to keep her weight down due to the afore mentioned puppy dog eyes!)
She follows us around the house from room to room and if you come in to the room she's not in she'll put out her paw because she loves to hold hands with you ❤️ She is so adorable, my husband completely loves her too and regularly thanks me for pushing for us to get her.

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