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If you want an amazing dog, help a retired greyhound
Jo and Glenn
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We visited Coventry Greyhound Trust back in March as after doing some research when thinking about getting a second dog - it turned out Greyhounds are the perfect dog!
We already had a staffy-cross called Ellie who needed to approve of any additions to the family so we came in with her to see if any of the dogs met with her approval.
We met five dogs, a couple we'd spotted online and a couple of others Maryellen thought might suit but none gelled as immediately as we had hoped with us or Ellie.
As a bit of a wildcard Maryellen said "well we could try with Scott..." and brought the big goof in.
He was fine with Ellie and came straight over to us to make friends - a perfect match! So pleased Maryellen chanced him with us!

Scott, now called Ned, had been in kennels for over a year as he kept being passed up due to his size, sex and colour. However, he is absolutely fantastic.
We think Maryellen might have his age wrong though as we appear to have a giant puppy on our hands in terms of attitude! Ned loves his walks more than anything and everyday when his harness comes out he reacts like it's the best thing ever. He is super friendly, enjoys snuggles and loves squeaky toys - he will happily lie on his bed gently squeaking a ball for over half an hour...

He is brilliant with our niece and two nephews as well, one is only 5 years old and regularly hugs Ned and follows him round - Ned is brilliant with him, incredibly patient. Our other nephew has autism and finds Neds presence to be really calming (despite Ned being a massive goofball!). 

Since bringing Ned home we have taken him to the beach and on many adventures locally - including entering him into the Rugby Rotary Club dog show where he won first place in the Most Handsome Boy class (of course...!). He brings so much joy to every day and has settled in perfectly.
We've been fortunate to bring another greyhound into our home since then so we have three best friends now and all get along brilliantly. Maryellen has continued to be a huge support and we can't wait to do more for the Trust.

If you want an amazing dog, help a retired greyhound.

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