Greyhound Trust Coventry Every dog deserves a home


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we fell in love with Ben when we visited the centre, his playful, loving and genuine nature really won us over... however... we saw the real bond Ben has developed with his kennel mate, Dee... as a older dog, Dee seemed to be Ben’s experienced elder from who he could learn and who he also looked at so lovingly... how could we possibly break up this loving relationship, so of course we decided to become mum and dad to both! Fast forward four weeks and we cannot imagine life without this pair!

They make us smile, the make us laugh, they show so much love, they’ve commandeered the sofa and their teddies and toys are everywhere along with the odd shoe that Ben seems to like to take from the show cupboard!!! They are so good on walkies and we have enjoyed intros them to all the lovely fields and walkways where we live... lots of exciting things to sniff and smell. Just before we wake up in the morning we can hear the dog toys squeaking and it makes us smile... they are playing and enjoying life and as we come downstairs two happy pointy faces and waggy tails are waiting and doggy kisses dispensed!
They certainly seem as happy as they’ve made us... happy in their forever
Ali and Gary Dilkes
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