Greyhound Trust Coventry Every dog deserves a home

Item Description
Lead & Collar A ‘fishtail’ collar is a must. These are the wide leather ones that we
supply. They fit snugly just behind the ears at the slimmest part of the
neck otherwise your dog can easily slip out of the collar.
We also supply a leather lead but any lead will do BUT NOT an
extending lead – they can cause injuries to you and your dog and you
Can lose control of a b, fast greyhound.
House Collar & Tags
Basic one given by us. Soft, tape type with snap clasp (can buy from us). This stays on all the time with your ID tags and Chip Tag (if you have one).

Remove leather collar indoors to prevent hair loss and soreness.

Box Muzzle
Supplied by us. Ours are padded across the nose part.
A lightweight plastic muzzle specifically made for greyhounds – they are
used to wearing them and can breathe and drink comfortably.
Use when:

Introducing to other pets
When first out walking.
When first left alone.
When travelling if unrestrained. SEE SAFETY

Waterproof/ fleece lined - can be purchased from us.
Greyhounds have low body fat and do feel cold/ wet more than some dogs.

A Coat is an essential for Toilet Training in wet weather.

Bedding A folded single duvet is ideal or vet bed.
A raised bed ( pallet type) can be used for elderly dogs.
Bed needs to be out of draughts in quiet area so dog can have some privacy.
Food / Water Bowls Stainless Steel – large enough to prevent mess.
Stands can be used – particularly useful for older dogs.
Flea Comb We HIGHLY recommend SPRATTS stainless steel flea comb – perfect for
Picking up the odd flea and removing loose hair (available from us).
If you buy from a pet shop check comb teeth are not too far apart and not rough. (Try out on your own arm!) Metal nit comb can do.
Brush Soft Bristle brush will remove loose hair, stimulate skin and your dog enjoys the process. A velvet mitt will bring up a fantastic shine especially on black dogs.
Toothbrush / Toothpaste ONLY use dog toothpaste : WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Rubber finger type can be useful for gums.
Nail Clippers Large size, secateur type (not guillotine style ) with safety guard.
Cotton Wool/ Buds/ olive oil for weekly cleaning of outer ear only.
Toys Indestructible rubber rings etc for playing/retrieving. Most greyhounds also love soft toys/ cushions/ slippers for cuddling up with.
Child Safety Gate Optional extra (can be borrowed) for use as training aid for rooms
out of bound and to provide place of safety/ escape route for cats etc.
Veterinary Products You need to register with a vet to obtain products such as
Drontal Plus for worming, Frontline for flea/tick prevention, Enzymatic Toothpaste or Gel, Ear wash ( only needed if ears have not been cleaned regularly). There is no point buying such products from a pet shop.
Training Items Whistle /Clicker/ Pebble Tin/ Long Lead (lunge line type) Treats.
First Aid Ice Pack (gel type in freezer), Aloe Vera Gel 99% , Zinc Castor Oil (or
similar), Arnica.
Coat Treatments Coconut Oil, Benzyl Benzoate from chemists.