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They steal your heart and your sofa! But wouldn't have it any other way!
Wendy & Andrew
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We adopted Gizmo (Prodigy Gizmo) in March 2010 after having to have our lovely Oscar put to sleep a few months before.
Gizmo settled into a routine almost straight away! He only once jumped up to see what was on the work surface and stole a chicken goujon! But after that he never bothered again! Gizmo loved the garden and would happily sit out there in the summer months or try and chase the squirrels and pigeons!

He also loved his holidays! Over the years we visited many destinations in Britain and he always enjoyed settling into a holiday cottage and getting lots of fuss from passers by. Our holidays didn't go without some dramas though. He once tried to pick a fight with a rat but ended up getting bitten by it. So a trip to the vet to sort him out ,where the vet declared that 'rats are usually brittle and break!'. This lovely vet is now the star of 'The Yorkshire Vet' on the television!
He also visited many abbeys, castles and other historic sites. And Gizmo did enjoy a pub lunch or afternoon tea,chilling out on his travel bed (well you know what they are like for not wanting to lie on a hard surface!)
He also appeared in one of the calendars for the branch!
As he got older he used to enjoy snoozing on the settee or when we went away in our caravan,snuggling up on the bed at night (so close that I used to not be able to move my legs for fear of disturbing him)

We unfortunately had to have our beautiful boy put to sleep aged 13 years and 4 months. We miss him so much but he brought us so much pleasure and fun. They steal your heart and your sofa! But wouldn't have it any other way!

Wendy and Andrew Webb

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